How to Identify and Choose the Best SEO Company for your Website

Once you have done your research and gathered relevant information about SEO, it is important to determine which company offering SEO in Birmingham will perform the best. It depends on the scale of your website, and many other factors. It is important to shortlist prospect companies until you find the best fit for your website. Here are five things that you should look for in the companies offering SEO.


It goes without saying that experience is a huge factor. The length of time a company has been running and the number of clients it has worked with in the past are both markers of experience. Though no company can guarantee 100% optimization, companies with experience usually perform better because of their understanding of Search Engine algorithms.


It is always important to eliminate to companies that make unrealistic promises and offerings. It is not possible to reach 100% rankings. So, you must be cautious of companies offering unbelievable rankings or overnight results. Pick companies that are direct with you and that make realistic promises or projections.


Major search engines have certifications regarding PPC. If a company holds certifications by a major Search Engine, that is a good thing. It means that the company has proved its worth and quality to the Search Engine, and that your task will be safe in the company’s hand. Companies can achieve certifications by proving their knowledge of the advertising platforms of a particular Search Engine. It is an understanding of these platforms that generates the best SEO in Birmingham.

4-Case Studies

Good companies take pride in their case studies and are eager to show them to potential clients. You should always check the case studies of an SEO agency. These case studies not only show you examples of previous work that the companies have done, they also help to validate their methods of optimization.

5-Manipulative Practice

Always be aware of white-hat practices. Certain companies often use unethical and sometimes even illegal practices. Such companies will pose a constant threat to your website and your company. On the other hand, ethical companies will have absolutely no problem discussing their strategies and their practices with you.